May 042015

After drinking some nectar of the Gods (wine), I decided to make a 3D bottle. I wasn’t sure how I would link it to something about the Guitar, but hey, that never stopped me in the past.

Online images may appear blurry on some devices,
but T-Shirt images are high resolution.

I usually use a 3D program for any 3D elements, but this time I decided to use the 3D feature within Photoshop. At first it seemed a bit quirky and weird, but after a little bit of fiddling around, I mastered it.

I used some material that looked a bit like cork for the top of the bottle, and another material that was holey so that you could tell that the bottle was see-through. I added three other images, a Classical Guitar, a real skull, and a swirly green abstract pic. With regards to the 3D bottle, I added a good deal of lighting effects to it.

These three layers (images) were converted to a material which I wrapped around the 3D bottle. I was going to put the name of the Guitar wine on the label also but there didn’t seem to be any room for it, so I decided to place it at the top of this Guitar Tee design as a slogan which has some lighting effects applied to it as well.

Added to the bottle is a beautiful green outer glow effect, then a nice black background in order for this t-shirt design to pop out, after all, who doesn’t like their 3D to pop out at the viewer, am I right?

One of the things that took quite a bit of time was sizing and positioning the bottle and the slogan within the 3D environment. This is always an important step with finalising any 3D object, and demanded lots of patience on my part, luckily I do posses this virtue, otherwise this could have ended up a photo of a bottle instead of a 3D bottle – hey wait a minute, that would have been easier. Lol.

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