May 042015

All serious classical guitarists know of the great Guitar composer and performer Francisco Tarrega. All other guitarists would benefit greatly by listen to at least a few of his many famous Guitar compositions.

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Because even if you’re not into Classical Guitar, there are a lot of really good Guitar ideas in Tarrega’s music. I guess what I’m trying to say is that his music is a good source of inspiration.

If you asked some of the best Guitar players in the world today what they listen to, you would probably be quite surprised by some of their answers. Many legendary guitarists like Steve Vai, Jeff Loomis, Marty Friedman, and others have gone on record stating that they enjoy listening to different styles of music from the style they specialise in.

Okay, enough of me trying to sell you on the idea of broadening your musical horizons. Let me get down to the design for this Guitar tee. A retro photo of Francisco Tarrega, due to the fact that he lived between 1852-1909. I love the old black & white picture as it is, so I didn’t fiddle too much with it because I wanted that contrast to be present when I added in the modern chair.

The whole idea for this Guitar t-shirt design was to place Tarrega outside of his own time. That’s right, Francisco Tarrega and time travel, hence the funky modern chair. Yes, as you can see by the text, it’s chair number two, and yes, there are other designs with him and different chairs.

As you can see, I cut Tarrega out of his original chair, discarded the background, then added a modern, more comfortable chair for the tired old soul. Lol. I did, however, keep the original foot stool, it looked weird without it.

I also created a subtle shadow in certain places via a colour overlay effect, some hue/saturation, colour balance, and also some highlights almost to the extent of overexposure. At the end of all this, I felt happy with the outcome: Tarrega travels into the future to sit in a different chair. Lol.

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