May 042015

I came up with this Guitar t-shirt design while looking at some of my previous 3D art from a few years back. I ended up choosing one of my intergalactic backgrounds. This particular one had several planetary elements in it, which I decided to crop out, as it seemed a little bit busy for a t-shirt design.

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but T-Shirt images are high resolution.

I did, however, leave one of the planets in the image. The reason for this was that I knew I wanted to put something Guitar related on top of it. I was thinking to myself that it’s impossible to breathe in an outer space environment – I’m not sure why I was thinking this, but it led me to the decision to put something futuristic into the mix.

After a bit of aimless searching, not really knowing what I was looking for, I found an image of a robot serenading a cat. I said to myself, “wow, that’s weird.” So I cropped out all of the other elements within the image, including the cat, and there it was, a Guitar playing robot – nice.

Next, I played around with the positioning and sizing of the Guitar playing robot. At this stage, I was thinking to myself how ironic this design was. A robot playing a Guitar under an umbrella with no possibility of either rain or sound, as the environment was in outer space.

I decided to include that slogan, “Robot Blues” because I figured that the robot would definitely have the blues due to the fact that no matter how much it played the Guitar, no sound would ever be heard in space. Lol.

In the original image, the robot was sitting in the rain with an umbrella which was attached to it via possibly a hydraulic lever or some such device. I left the umbrella in the image because it was pleasingly hilarious.

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