May 042015

This Guitar t-shirt design was inspired by trying to inspire my Guitar students to practice more. It doesn’t happen as much these days, because everything is so expensive, including Guitar lessons. Why are Guitar lessons expensive? Because EVERYTHING is so expensive, and Guitar teachers need to pay the bills like everyone else.

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So these days, students have a greater desire to get their money’s worth. This means that they do actually practice. But years ago, back in the good old days. Wow, I sound like a senior citizen. Lol. But seriously, there are still students that don’t practice, younger students. The ones that are too young to pay for their own lessons, so their parents fork-out the money.

It’s funny how ya never fully appreciate something until you pay for it yourself with your own hard-earned cash. You really get that, “I’m gonna get my money’s worth” mindset.

Anyway, on to the design information. This design started with an idea I had while drinking a frosty ale, or in more boring terms, “a beer”. No, it wasn’t actually the beverage, more what was under it. That’s right, the coaster. I remember this particular coaster seemed really cool, to me anyway.

It was a coaster with a skull on it, and the motto, “A lack of passion is fatal”. I thought, how cool! It was right there and then that I thought, “A lack of practice is fatal”.

When I got home, I started looking through my collection of Guitar images and found the perfect image. A Guitar in the shape of a shark. At this stage a knew I just needed to put the slogan together with this image and I would almost have it.

I positioned the word “Fatal” to look like the Guitar shark was about to eat it, and that was it. Well, almost. I wanted to include some skulls to honour the original coaster design, which I stated earlier, also had a skull on it. Although the skulls I used were more of an abstract nature and more subtle than the original design.

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