May 042015

I started this t-shirt design with an image of a Treble Clef playing a flat symbol. Without getting too technical (after all, this is supposed to be about t-shirt design) flat signs are symbols used in music that instruct the player to play a particular note at a slightly lower pitch than normal, the sign used resembles a lowercase letter b.

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Anyway, after adding the aforementioned treble clef, I pretty much sat there not knowing what to do with it. Sure, it was a quirky little image, maybe even mildly amusing, but now what?

Not really having a very clear idea, I just thought to myself, what’s better than one little treble clef playing a flat sign. How about five little treble clefs playing flat symbols. Yeah sure, why not, I told myself. I know, I’ll add some music notes, so I added five quavers.

I realised at this point that the theme seemed to be about symbols, and a general emphasis on music. Then I thought, why not add one of those slogans that have the little love heart symbol in it like, I <3 NY. But replace the NY with “Music”.

I then added a fluoro, cyan coloured stroke (border) around the text. It still looked a little flat to me, pardon the pun. I knew I needed something else in this design, so I started to look for something simple, but with a popular, easily recognisable form.

Then I found a nautical star, which has long been a favourite of many people, mainly as a tattoo. So what better excuse do I need to make it a prominent feature on a tee.

So I figured that I would put the star in the centre, place the treble clefs all the way around the star, put the “I love music” at the top, the music notes at the bottom, and that would be it.

But you guessed it. Yep. It still looked flat. I know, I thought, I’ll turn the whole thing 3D and give it some drop shadows as well. That way I’ll give the design some serious depth, that’ll really make it pop. And it did. The end, at last.

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