Aug 142015

This Guitar Tee, no. 27 Metal Power is pretty much an inverted version of the previous shirt – no. 26 Metal Maniac. What I mean by that is it’s black where the other is white and white where the other is black.

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The other obvious difference is the slogan, Metal Power instead of Metal Maniac, and a different metal-type font to go with the design. I really liked the font colour scheme of the previous tee, so I kept it.

As far as the visual elements, at first I wanted to use a different background but after tying a few alternative backgrounds I decided to try the one I used for Metal Maniac and it just seemed to work the best, so I went with it. I also kept the big Guitar silhouettes but in white instead of black.

Again with this one, as well as the previous, I offset the silhouette Guitars with some negative space (black) near the top edges of the Guitars to make them pop against the detailed background.
As I stated in the design details of the previous shirt, the background idea is actually taken from a section of one of my tattoos. It came out well even though it’s the reverse as far as colour goes from the last shirt.

Unlike the last Heavy Metal shirt, with this one I went with the traditional black as the canvas for the design. Another thing that I did with Guitar tee design number 27, that I didn’t do with the previous one, is that I put the design on the back instead of the front, and I also added a little logo sized variation of the design on the front of the shirt in the upper left area.

Lastly, I placed the web url on one of the Guitar necks. And that’s how the Metal Power tee was born.

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