Jun 132015

I recently got my hands on a few nice fonts, one of which was the font that you see on this, my 26th Tee design. After tweeking this awesome Heavy Metal font and adding just the right colours, it was time to put in the other visual elements.

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This time around I wanted to have less detail on the guitars, so I went for the silhouette idea, basically just a couple of black Guitar shapes. I put some negative space (white) around the top edges of the Guitars to make them pop a little as well. I think this was a good idea, as it offsets the Guitar shapes from the background, which in this case was a very busy background with lots of detail.

Speaking of the background, it actually comes from one of the design elements within a tattoo of mine. I thought, if it’s good enough for one of my own tattoos, it’s good enough for an awesome Guitar tee.

One of the things that I had in my mind the whole time I was designing this t-shirt was to try and see if I could do a cool Heavy Metal shirt without relying on the typical black shirt as the canvas for the art.

I wanted this design to be on a white tee, just for the sake of uniqueness, because every Metal design on the planet seems to be on a black shirt. Not that I have anything against Heavy Metal designs on black shirts, I’ll probably end up doing a whole bunch of them myself, but this one just felt right on a white shirt.

Lastly, I subtly placed the GuitarLoversCustomTees.com web address in what I think is a good location, right on one of the Guitar necks. And that, my friends, is the story of the Metal Maniac tee.

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