Sep 012015

This “Metal Forever” Guitar tee was definitely a labour of love. It just seemed to take “forever” to complete. But the end result made it all worthwhile.

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I would have to say that for this 29th t-shirt design, I worked for the longest time ever on the font. I tried so many fonts, and it’s always one of the last ones that ends up being the best. So after finally settling on the font that I wanted to use, it didn’t end there. Now I had to stylize the font for that authentic Metal look.

I worked tirelessly into the night, banging away at this Metal slogan. I used many effects on this font, starting with bevelling and embossing, then adding contours, a jagged red stoke around the edges for that bloody horror kind of feel.

I also used a bright outer glow to give this text a powerful Metal emphasis. But that’s not all. It wouldn’t have been complete without that tasty red bloodstained drop shadow – ah, yes, the icing on the cake, as it were, lol.

I went with a Randy Rhoads Guitar which always echoes “Metal Forever” to most people, so that was appropriate to the cause, without too much messing around, I just added some more of that outer glow – Nice.

Then I asked myself, what really sums up the Metal experience from a design point of view – a universal sign. Ah, yes, but of course, people signalling with the customary Rock On horns solute – too easy.

Now it was all down to the background. This could make it or break it. After countless attempts at every background known to mankind, lol, I finally hit the jackpot with a metal grip plate. This was literally a piece of metal – nice, and again very appropriate for this HEAVY METAL design.

To get this background to actually work, I had to cut holes in it, lay in a solid black background underneath the awesome Metal background, and then for the

pièce de résistance, cut the surrounding area away to create a disc-like shape. Oh, yeah baby, that hit the spot. And that is the story of the Metal Forever t-shirt design.

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