May 042015

In recent times there has been a growing community of people that really like skulls, largely due to the also ever-growing tattoo culture. But there are those of us, like myself, that have always loved the beauty of skulls, not only in tattoos but in any artistic association, be it paintings, graffiti, engravings, sculpture, Guitar design, jewelry, and most importantly for this website, T-Shirts!

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but T-Shirt images are high resolution.

The skull I ended up with was a combination of two different skulls. I liked one of the skulls for its hair and headband, and the other skull for its great bone structure. So I blended the elements that I liked and came up with a pretty cool looking skull.

Now let me get to the awesome looking 7-string Guitars in the design. Without mentioning any brand names, let’s just say that Jeff Loomis uses this type of Guitar, the one with the sustainiac pickup in the neck position. With regards to this particular Guitar, I used a very large image of it (pixel wise), as to make sure that lots of detail would be seen right on the t-shirt, so the true Guitar lovers out there could stand in awe at its beauty.

Yes, it’s only one Guitar, I just copied and pasted it to another layer then horizontally flipped it to get what looks like a left-handed Guitar, to compliment the right-handed one from the original image.

I guess you’ve probably already worked out that the design itself is based on a skull and crossbones theme. When I started the design, I knew straight away that’s what I wanted. I’ve always thought of the whole skull and crossbones idea as a design that gives that real ‘rebel without a cause’ kind of feel, and we all know that sea pirates used it – I rest my case! Lol.

Lastly, or should I say firstly, because I knew at the very beginning that I wanted the slogan, “Live Fast – Play Faster”. I’ve seen plenty of other t-shirts in the past that have used that, “Live Fast – some other words here” type slogan, and I knew it would look cool with emphasis on Guitars.

I must say that this design came together smoothly, and without too much fuss. It all just fell into place, even the positioning, probably due to the fact that I had this tee design already in my head before I started. I wish every design came together this easily.

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