May 042015

I started this Guitar tee design with a single candy skull, then sat in front of it for a long time wondering what to do next. Ah, yes, add some Guitar elements to it, but what, I kept asking myself. The ideas were definitely not flowing, so I went on the internet, thinking that I may see something, or read something that would light up that idea light bulb above my head.

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I was right, I did get some inspiration. I read a news article about a retired US Army vet who got arrested for feeding the homeless. I remember thinking to myself that many things are possible in the US, but something as simple as kindness seems to be off the agenda for the ruling power brokers of the USA.

Anyway, that’s when the phrase, “with Liberty and Justice for all” leapt out in front of me. The irony of that phrase stuck in my head.

So now I had the dilemma of trying to equate that phrase with the Guitar somehow. After viewing many Guitars of various shapes and sizes, I came across a nice looking flying V Guitar. The V shape immediately gave me the idea of positioning multiples of this Guitar around the top of the candy skull in order to give the design some resemblance to the Statue of Liberty.

Next, I added various colourisation filters and effects, as well as some sepia tones on each of the flying V Guitars. I included the web address in a small, subtle font, as not to distract from the overall design.

Lastly, I placed the phrase Liberty And Justice For All under the candy skull of liberty in a nice half circle, like a smirk of discontent, and the rest is history, as they say.

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