May 042015

This Guitar t-shirt is a combination of tattoo flash and Guitar photography. I started with some scanned in photos of different types of electric Guitars, both classic shaped and modern shaped.

Online images may appear blurry on some devices,
but T-Shirt images are high resolution.

Some of the Guitars looked really nice, but didn’t position well. This was probably due to the fact that early on I decided that I wanted this t-shirt design to be contained within a circle, so correct positioning was critical. Finally, I decided on a cool looking, Randy Rhoads asymmetrical flying V Guitar.

At first I had just one flying V, but after trying to get it into a good position, I realised I needed two. So I just duplicated the first one, then horizontally flipped it. I then crossed the two Guitars over at their tail ends.

The skull had to be extracted from its original image which included various other designs within it. Once that was done, it was time for some colourising (multiple times) and some shadows and highlighting of certain sections of the skull to give it that glowing 3D look.

Speaking of glowing things, I added a modern art type background with random streaks which I also tweaked with highlights, colourisations, and a little Gaussian blur until it looked right. The reason for the blur on this layer was so that the smoking skull and the Guitars jumped out at the viewer.

After that I added a black background behind the streaks. Lastly, I put some outer glow effects on each guitar. Then a black stroke colour and a drop shadow on the web address font.

As an afterthought, it dawned on me that, due to this particular Guitar t-shirt design looking best placed on the back of the shirt, it might be a good idea to put a smaller, logo sized version on the front of the shirt. Which is similar to what I did for the Guitar Pig shirt. Overall, it came out really well.

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