May 042015

If memory serves me, I think the Guitar in this design is a Paul Reed Smith. If it’s not, I’m sure someone will set me straight. I remember when I first scanned it into my computer, I blacked out the brand to avoid copyright issues, and that was such a long time ago.

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Anyway, getting back to the actual design process. I was reading a whole bunch of Guitar related one-liners, jokes, and puns online, most of them not funny at all. There were also quite a few offensive ones as well. I stayed somewhere in the middle, between offensive and mildly amusing.

Yes, that’s right folks. I was brave – I ended up choosing a one-liner that may be slightly offensive to very serious, conservative women. But I’m sure those women with a good sense of humour can laugh it off without any issues. Okay … here’s the slogan … “Guitars Don’t Get Headaches”.

Yes, I know ladies, it’s a little juvenile, I agree. But maybe you ladies can think of it like this: It’s Great Guitars Can’t Say No, It Means You Can Fondle Your Guitars And Stop Annoying Us. There you go ladies – Girl Power Forever!

The positioning of the font in this T-shirt design simulates a smiling face – as if to say, hey ladies, just joking, please don’t make us fellas sleep in the dog house, lol.

As far as the Guitar in this t-shirt design goes, there’s not really that much to say. It’s a nice Guitar with an equally nice cutaway for easy access to the 25th fret, and it has a beautiful black gloss finish.

Another thing I really like about this Guitar is that it only has 2 humbuckers. Many Guitars that I’ve owned in the past have had that pesky single coil pickup in the middle.

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