Jan 082017

If you’re a Guitar Player and you want something to worship, why not worship the Guitar. Let’s face it, it would be a totally honorable thing to worship. After all, the Guitar has never done anything bad to anyone. It brings nothing but happiness and joy to the lives of all who have mastered it, or are continuing their musical journey towards mastering it. Okay, enough Guitar philosophy. Let’s talk about what makes this Guitar t-shirt design pop.

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The idea behind the design came to me while looking through hundreds of bio-mechanical, and alien-type images. I finally came across an image that gave me just the right amount of inspiration to get Guitar Tee 33 well underway.

The image was very extraterrestrial when I started with it. But after butchering it quite severely, I had what I thought looked very much like a three-seat throne. And what musical instrument deserves its own throne? Well, you know the answer to that question – The Guitar!

So now I had my multi throne, all I needed was three Guitar deities, comfortably seated in their thrones, glowing majestically down upon their disciples.

At this point, I knew I needed some silhouettes to represent the worshipers. So I collected a whole bunch of random figures, positioned them, and made them glow with anticipation. But there was something missing.

I finally realized what I needed the silhouette worshipers to do – raise their hands up in the traditional “Rock On” horns way. So if you purchase this shirt, you’ll probably be able to see these Guitar Worshipers doing a Rock’n’Roll horns salute.

The next thing to do was position a Six-String Guitar King, and his two Seven-String Guitar knights of the round table by his side, lol.

I was almost there. I needed some sort of foreground. Something cool-looking for the worshipers to be standing on. I eventually decided on a crusty, cracked ground surface with a few dead trees here and there.

The “Guitar Worship” text was one of the last elements to go into the design. It has many layered effects to achieve gradation and inner and outer glow.

The most used effect for this design was the outer glow, which came in very handy for lighting up the Guitar Worshipers, and the Guitars.

And that’s the story of Guitar Tee 33.

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