May 042015

The design for this Guitar tee came from an awesome tattooist called, Leo Rojas. And in particular, a tattoo done by him portraying a Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar the way someone might see it if they were intoxicated or high. Yes, it’s a little warped, well at least the neck of the Guitar is, anyway.

Online images may appear blurry on some devices,
but T-Shirt images are high resolution.

With regards to the sizing and positioning of this design, I simply cropped out as much of the arm as possible, positioned the Guitar tattoo front and centre on the t-shirt, applied the tattooer’s name underneath, and placed on the side.

It’s pretty much a half sleeve sized tattoo, the usual top of shoulder down to about the elbow. A couple of different shades of purple, pink, quite a bit of white ink, green, yellow, brown, and some subtle black outlines, and also a little splash of grey.

This Guitar tattoo has some nice gradient effects too, with the use of different shades of purple, blue, and brown. Another nice effect that Mr Rojas put in to this Guitar tattoo was perspective, the way the headstock is bigger than usual to convey that it’s closer to the viewer.

This accurate use of proportion, with regards to the headstock, creates a sense of depth which gives the illusion that part of the Guitar is jumping out at the viewer. To create a further level of depth, Leo has also added a couple of subtle water droplets with accompanying drop shadows, anther nice touch.

For this Guitar t-shirt design, Leo has pretty much done all the hard work. I guess my part in this collaboration is to champion his great tattooing abilities and give him all the credit. Putting his Guitar tattoo on one of my t-shirts is just my way of giving Leo Rojas the recognition and publicity he deserves. Keep on rockin’ those awesome tats, Leo.

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