May 042015

Firstly, let me say that I’ve always loved that movie “The Mask”. So when I came across a black & grey flash tattoo drawing of a mask of similar aesthetic appeal, I became hooked on the idea of making this, my first Guitar T-Shirt design, a Mask/Guitar combo.

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I started out with one Mask, I really liked the wood-grain effect it had on it, but in black & grey it looked a bit plain for a Tee. So I tweaked it for quite a while, finally settling on a nice blue. I also added a little bit of shadow and some highlights.

Then I scanned a picture of an electric guitar. I worked that image over for a long time also. It ended up looking pretty funky and modern with its saturated purple colour. I put a golden filter effect on the neck and strings. After further fiddling with the colour, brightness, and contrast, there was still something missing.

It was at this point that I took a break, meaning that I went and played one of my guitars for several hours. When I came back to the design I felt refreshed, and it dawned on me that I needed to put another object in the mix, but what?

It was then that the idea light bulb lit up over my head, and I realised that all I needed to do was duplicate the mask, flip it so it faced the opposite direction, and position the two masks so they were looking at each other, with the guitar in the middle. The negative space produced by the positioning of the masks in close proximity to the edges of the guitar body created some nice mirrored spaces.

I was almost done. Lastly, I chose a complementary colour for the second mask, which ended up being a bright gold. Then came the simple placement of the GuitarLoversCustomTees.Com web address, which features quite prominently on this shirt. Why? It just seems to visually tie the whole design together with this larger than usual font.

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