May 042015

What were you thinking, you may ask. Well, sometimes I just see something humorous or weird, and I think, that should be on a t-shirt. So that’s what I did, put it on a tee. The fact that a Guitar was featured was what got it across the line though.

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So, a cute little pig playing a Guitar. At first, I thought, what should I do with this. After staring at it for a while, I came to the conclusion that the image alone wasn’t enough, it needed something else.

I thought to myself, it needs to be complimented by some nursery rhyme or saying that has something to do with a pig. Then it struck me, everyone knows the thing that you say to young kids to amuse them, where you name each of their toes with the word piggy, and tell them what each piggy did.

Yeah, that’s right, “This little piggy went to market”. I knew it had to be this first line. All I had to do was add the word Guitar into it. So that’s how easy it was – “This little piggy went to the Guitar market”.

In hindsight, I guess I could have also gone with the second line, “This little piggy stayed home”. And again just added, this time four words, and played the Guitar into it like so – “This little piggy stayed home and played the Guitar”. But I think the first one is simpler, and hey, why complicate things, right.

Why did I go with a pink border around the font? Again, I just didn’t over think it. Pigs are pink I told myself, that’ll do pig, that’ll do. Lol.

Because this Guitar t-shirt design looked best on the back of the shirt, I thought it might be equally cute if there was a smaller, logo sized version of the Guitar playing pig on the front of the shirt. When I added it to the front, I knew at this point that the design was finished.

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