Sep 182015

The whole idea for this, my 30th t-shirt design, was to somehow make a Guitar and a mirror work together on a tee. It was hard work, but I think I got there in the end.

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With regards to the mirror, all I knew is that I wanted to create a mirror that had depth. So after selecting the appropriate shape, I used a few tricks to come up with an impressive border with just the right amount of depth. I achieved this with the aid of a nice bevel and emboss effect. This, along with some shading in just the right places did the job.

I felt that I could still add even more depth, so after fiddling around with some gradient overlays, I was finally on to something. The mirror was now taking on a rippled metal type of effect. Nice, I thought to myself.

Still not satisfied with the amount of depth, I wanted to push it even further. So I added a rather sinister red drop shadow. I stood back and thought – now that looks kick-ass!

As far as the rest of the design is concerned, I used the same snake that I used for the Fast Lane design, only with different levels of vibrance and colour, as well as lighting. A beautiful 7-string electric Guitar, and some masks that I really like, also from a previous design of mine.

Of course, one of the most importance things about this design was placement. As you can imagine, there was a lot of moving things around, and around, and around – headache – oh yeah.

The last issue I faced was deciding on transparent, black, or white for the background colour inside the mirror. Transparent, and also white, gave a nice

red inner shadow on the mirror surface. But with black, although this nice looking shadow disappeared into the darkness of the black, it still looked better. I guess the black made it look more deep and mysterious.

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