May 042015

Something that has been really good to see in the 21st Century, is the increasing interest in playing the Guitar by girls. For too long, the Guitar has been dominated by males. As far as the stats go, there are now an estimated 20 million guitar players in the U.S, and it’s believed that there are at least another 30 million Guitar players in the rest of the world.

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Of the total 50 million Guitar players out there, it is believed that around 30% of them are female. That means there are approximately 15 million females playing the Guitar throughout the world.

Okay, that’s enough about Guitar playing statistics. Let’s now dwell on the t-shirt design at hand. The image I used was pretty much just a random, generic pic of a girl playing the electric guitar, plain and simple.

What I ended up with wasn’t quite as simple as what I started with. At first I incorporated a lot of black and white elements in this Guitar tee design. But soon many layers started to accumulate. Mixtures of overly saturated colours, emphasis on yellow and orange filters started to drown out the black and white, until only a very small area of black and white was left – subtle but adequate, I thought.

There were a few other weird psychedelic filters thrown in there as well. Let me see, what else? Ah, yes, some tweaking of contrast and brightness, along with some saturation of the tattoos, which are actually real, but when I finished with them they looked a little surreal.

There was also the usual cropping, positioning, and re-positioning. And let’s not forget the swirly, abstract, black and purple skull type background to offset the main image of the guitarist from the rest of the design, which proved to be an integral ingredient in the overall design of this Guitar t-shirt.

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