Oct 212015

The Guitar Art tee was exhausting, to say the least. This design just went on and on and on, I thought it would never end, lol. Finishing it was a huge weight off my shoulders, and a great satisfaction to see the finished product.

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This design consists of a tattoo type design mixed with a Guitar image and a bio-mechanical semi-background. It has two hand tattoos in the form of line work only, as not to take away the emphasis of the overall hand tattoo design, I guess you could say, “art imitating life imitating art” i.e., tattoos on an image of a tattoo.

There exists a subtle www.GuitarLoversCustomTees.com down the side in small red lettering with a white border, or “stroke” in Photoshop terms.

I gave the hand a flesh like colour, to try and add some realism to what is a pretty non-realism type design. I often throw a spanner in the works to try and shake things up a little, create something new and fresh.

As for the Guitar Art slogan, it has quite a bit of editing on it, such as beveling, embossing, it has a contour, a red outside stroke, and an outer glow.

The hand and flowers tattoo part of the design has multiple strokes of different colours, drop shadows, and it actually started as just an outline, so there was a lot of care taken to choose just the right colours so that the background would act as a contrast to make the whole thing pop.

The beautiful Guitar image has levels of brightness and contrast, some colour balance, stroke, and outer glow also.

The hardest part was trying to get the bio-mechanical design (of which I hacked to death countless times) to sit in the background and not overwhelm the main design, being the tattoo and the Guitar.

With a massive amount of tweaking, I think the Guitar Art tee design came out really well, so much so that I celebrated with a couple of brewskis (beers), lol.

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