May 042015

If you’ve looked at all of my Guitar t-shirt designs, you’ll probably start to notice that I’m a bit of a Skull Lover as well as a Guitar Lover. This t-shirt design is a good example of that. With its realistic skull tangled in green grassy like organic matter, it celebrates the skull as much as it does the Guitar, it this case, a glowing purple one.

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My love of skulls probably all goes back to when I was a kid and a saw some cool skull designs on some of the Bikers that my Dad used to know.

One particular Biker by the name of Billy was completely covered in tattoos, except his face and head, because back then nobody wanted those areas tattooed. Actually, come to think of it, Billy did have a small dot on his cheekbone and a small star on his right earlobe.

But he also had some really cool skull tattoos. When I first saw these skull tattoos as a kid, I would have to say, I was mesmerised.

I think I must have been pretty impressed by Billy’s tattoos, because when I was around 9 or 10 years old I was drawing tattoos on my friends at school, using that 4 in 1 pen that was popular at the time, the one with the black – blue – green – and red colours combined into the one super thick pen.

I’ve probably talked more about skulls and tattoos than Guitars in this post. So I’ll now reign myself in, try to stay on topic, and not go off on any more wild tangents. Okay, so the Guitar in this particular design is a fluorescent, glowing purple colour, which is the actual colour of the Guitar.

Apart from a few highlights here and there, and a little extra lighting, this design shows the Guitar pretty close to what it looks like in real life.

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