Aug 282017

As Guitar Players, we’re always sharing info on different techniques and how to master them more efficiently. In recent years, however, we’ve all become angry about Governments taking our rights away, as they collect more and more private info on every one of us without our permission. Where will it end? Well, if you’re like me, and you love a good anti-government movie (with plenty of action), the answer to that question could play out very similar to the outcome in V for Vendetta. That’s where I got the idea for Guitar Tee number 34.

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The aforementioned movie is a fav of mine, and it has some pretty cool imagery. When I first formulated the image in my mind of a ninja-styled assassin wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, holding 2 Flying V Guitars with blood spatter graphics on them, it was just too much to resist, I had to create it.

One of the things I had the hardest time finding was an image of a person in the correct pose, holding 2 Guitars. In the end, I had to just take a photo of myself holding a couple of guitars. Then, with the magic of Photoshop, substitute my Guitars for Flying Vs, which was a lot easier than my initial search for the pose.

The hat, cape, mask, belt, and knives were a composite, which again were quite easily obtained. The hardest part was the positioning, re-sizing, and making sure everything is proportioned correctly. Then comes the usual lighting, colour correcting, matching levels, highlighting, etc.

The text was the next thing I approached. I could have gone with many corny lines, but in the end, I thought it just looked cooler with the web site name, so I made sure to apply a good-looking font with an equally good-looking colour scheme, and that was that.

I was nearing the end of the design, but I knew that it wasn’t quite finished. There was something missing. I came to the conclusion that my character looked like he was floating. He needed something to stand on, otherwise he looked like superman with an identity crisis. I tried a few different things like stairs, a ground plane, streets, but none of it worked.

Then the idea of blood struck me. I tried puddles, spatter, even whole rivers of blood, which also didn’t work. I knew I had to stay with the blood idea, I just had to find the right image. In the end I used an abstract image of a blood puddle which was actually made of wood and painted with a glossy paint. It just looked really cool, especially with its spill over the edge effect.

So that’s the way the Flying V Guitars T-Shirt came into existence. Now Guitar Lovers, and computer hackers have a cool Tee to wear.

And remember: The People should not fear the government. The government should fear the People (that was for you Anonymous).

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