May 042015

A Guitar on fire, now that’s hot. Sad, but hot. There are so many of these stock photos online of different objects on fire. In this image there were originally a few different object in the same photo. I thought, for my purposes, I just need the guitar. So I got rid of everything else.

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The day before I started this Guitar t-shirt design, I had been playing poker. I guess the visual appeal of the cards were still fresh in my mind. At first, I scanned an actual playing card, it was the Ace of Spades. But when I dropped that layer into the mix, it looked too busy. So I got rid of it.

I knew something was missing. I still liked the idea of including a playing card in the design, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to apply it. I started looking through lots of different images, some were guitar images, and some were just random images. Finally, I came across a few images of road signs, with the silhouette type figures of different animals, people, and so on.

It was the silhouette figures that gave me the idea to add a few guitar images, then just black them out. I did quite a few different types of guitar shapes. The funny thing was, the fancier the guitar shape the less appealing it became.

After a while, I began to realise that I needed a very simple guitar shape. I tried a few acoustic guitar shapes, but in the end it was the good old Classical Guitar that grabbed my attention.

So finally the playing card in the design became the “Ace of Guitars”. I think it looks much cooler than the Ace of Clubs. That’s right people, the Ace of Guitars should replace the Ace of Clubs – sign the petition, put it to the vote, hear, hear, all in favour, say “I”, lol.

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