May 042015

Who doesn’t like a debonair, suave, sophisticated, monocle wearing dog, whose sad expression could only mean one thing – she’s got the Blues! That’s right folks, Blues Dog. You know you love her as much as I do. Lol.

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So what gave me the idea for this Guitar t-shirt design? The answer would have to be, the internet. With its millions of hilarious dog photos. This wasn’t actually a photo of a dog playing a Guitar. It was two photos, one of a monocle wearing dog, and the other of a barefooted woman playing the Guitar.

With a little bit of resizing and positioning the two went together perfectly. It was really just a matter of editing out the backgrounds of each image. I did try a few other backgrounds, but in the end it just didn’t look right. So I went with the Blues Dog all on her own, I figured the solitude added to the Bluesy feel.

Unusually, one of the things that I put a lot of time into with this design, believe it or not, was the colour of her skin. Yes, that’s right, I tweaked the skin tone until I got it to look somewhat cold. I’m not sure how successful I was with this, but I tried to get that coldness to show up on her hands and feet. Just another way to illustrate a sad, lonely Blues feel.

Lastly, I wanted to come up with a really cool sounding Blues name for this Blues Dog. After researching various Blues musicians to try and come up with a good name, I came to the conclusion that the coolest word (in my opinion) that came up a number of times was, “T-Bone”.

I’m sure many people out there will disagree and have their own idea of what the coolest sounding Blues name is, but T-Bone just jumped out at me, so that’s what I went with. Then when I added the word “Hot” to it, I knew I was onto something. Let it be known from this day on that this Guitar tee design marks the birth of the newest Blues sensation, “Hot T-Bone Blues Dog”. Lol.

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