May 042015

The inspiration for my fifth design, the Big Hat Guitar Tee came from mixing a classical type image with the most modern guitar shape I could think of, which creates a nice contrast between past and present.

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I placed the woman’s hands in such a way that she looks like she’s doing some cool right hand finger tapping, a modern guitar playing technique, again, to bring out that contrast I mentioned earlier. After all, what better way to highlight that contrast than to place a lady from an earlier historical period together with a late 20th Century Guitar, playing advanced techniques. She certainly is a Lady ahead of her time, lol.

The guitar being white against the rest of the image’s darker colours and black background also helps the overall design pop.

The GuitarLoversCustomTees.Com web address features quite prominently on this Guitar t-shirt design, more so than many of my other T-Shirt designs. The reason for this is that it just seemed to look good in a bigger font and it also helped to complement this circular design.

Let’s face it, a woman in a huge Sombrero with detailed embroidery – what’s not to like. And she’s playing an electric guitar – even more awesome.

Just think of all those massive hats you see when you go to the horse races. So ladies, next time you go to the race track, wear your favourite giant hat and to complement your stylish head-dress, make sure you dress your man in this awesome Big Hat Guitar T-Shirt from GuitarLoversCustomTees.Com

Of course, you don’t really need an occasion to wear this stylish guitar tee, just a healthy love for music.

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