May 042015

In this design, positioning was everything. Although the images were fairly flat, I wanted to try to create just a little bit of depth. I started with a couple of alien predators and an electric Guitar.

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To do this, I positioned one in front of the guitar on the right-hand side, at a bigger size. Then another predator on the left-hand side, at a smaller size, to give the appearance that it was behind the guitar.

Of course, I had to duplicate the original predator, and then flip it horizontally so that I would have a right-handed predator guitarist and a left-handed predator guitarist.

I also added some green filters, and some lighting effects in order to give the design that good old fashioned alien glow that is synonymous with the whole “alien experience”.

The Guitar had its fair share of fluorescence also, with its inner glow, outer glow, and lighting effects.

So if you love ugly aliens playing the Guitar, and believe me, these guys are really ugly, then this Guitar Tee is for you. I think that the overall feel of this t-shirt design can be summed up in two words, “Heavy Metal”.

As far as the idea for the slogan, “Alien Guitar Tricks” was concerned. I would have to say that I came up with it just by thinking about the very fancy and technical Guitar playing prevalent in the 1980s.

Electric Guitar techniques like sweep picking, string skipping, right-hand finger tapping, and alternate picking were very popular at the time, and were often referred to as “Guitar Tricks”. Which were really just ways in which many guitarist tried to make picking at lightning speeds a bit easier.

And lastly, yes, even the font got its very own incandescent alien glow. I did make use of a stroke, which is a border line around the text for those that don’t know what a stroke is, in case you were thinking I had a stroke and used it as motivation, I might be a crazy Guitar Lover, but I’m not that crazy. Lol.

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